How Chatty Gus Studios Began

Although named after their dog, Gus, Chatty Gus Studios was initially inspired by their dog, Hank. In the summer of 2014 Hank was rescued from Foothills Animal Shelter. In August 2015, during a trip to their favorite place in Wyoming, Hank heard a gun shot and ran away. Lost in the Snowy Range Mountains, Tiffany and Travis along with their family and friends, searched for Hank with no success.

After weeks of hanging lost posters, posting in online lost dog groups, and calling dog shelters throughout Wyoming and Colorado, Tiffany and Travis started to accept that Hank might not be coming home. Mourning the loss of Hank, Tiffany realized all she had left of Hank were photographs....and suddenly there weren't nearly enough. In this moment, that the idea of creating a dog studio began. 

In an effort to fill the hole in their home, Tiffany and Travis welcomed Gus into the family. Much to their surprise, Hank was found a few weeks later walking down the street in Centennial, Wyoming. Gus was excited to have a new brother, and Hank was surprised to have a little brother! Everyone was excited, and amazed, that after 60 days in the Snowy Range Mountains Hank was home and in good health. 

Almost a year after Hank's return, Tiffany founded Chatty Gus Studios.  Tiffany knows that the time you have with your dog isn't nearly long enough and hopes to capture their spirit with her camera. 

Gus and Hank are big Broncos fans. 

Gus and Hank are big Broncos fans. 

The Team



Tiffany is lead photographer and owner of Chatty Gus Studios. Tiffany believes that miracles happen (just look at Hank!), dogs are people too, and when she isn't home with her dogs and husband, Travis, she's hiking in the mountains or watching The Bachelor. 



Frequently called 'miracle dog' by his parents, it's no surprise that Hank is one spoiled pup! Hank works hard behind the scenes, mainly keeping Gus from getting in too much trouble. Hank prefers naps and treats over everything else, just like his Mom. 



True to form, Gus likes to chat! He is the family extrovert and isn't afraid to tell you exactly what he's thinking. Gus likes to swim, fetch, sing, and chew as many socks as he can get away before his parents catch him. He knows he's in serious trouble when he's called by his full name, Augustus.